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Dissipating Misconceptions: Is Casino a “Style” of Salsa

SALSAtlanta. Home of Cuban dance Promote the love for Latin and Cuban music through its dance. SALSAtlanta. Created in 1999 by Julian Mejia, SALSAtlanta has been promoting Cuban music and dances and teaching Rueda de Casino and Casino dance, also known as "Cuban Salsa" or "Salsa Casino" in Atlanta and Athens GA. Read more... Cuban Way the art of Salsa Dancing - Viva la Salsa The Cuban Way is an effort to introduce Casino Style of Salsa dancing. Casino was created in the mid 1950’s by a group of young people in Havana, Cuba. Dancing Casino is an expression of popular social culture; Many Cubans consider casino a part of their social and cultural activities centering around their popular music.

But is the dance of casino really a “style” of salsa dancing, or is it a marketing strategy designed to get you interested by appealing to you with termsAnd because the dance of salsa (L.A., N.Y styles) and the dance of casino are danced to the same music: son. That is, if you were to play “Llorarás”...

If you are used to LA-style salsa dancing, learning Casino de Rueda, or Cuban style, is like going from automatic to stick shift. You struggle at first, but quickly discover it's a lot of fun! I'm grateful for "Rueda in the Park", a group that teaches you this dance and only asks for a $5 per class donation. Who Invented the Salsa Dance? | Our Pastimes Los Angeles Style. The inventor of salsa dance in Los Angeles used the basic concept of the New York style of dance. However, the West Coast influence and Latin ballroom makes LA salsa more dramatic, with dips, spins, drops and complicated turns. Cuban Style. Cuban salsa, often called casino salsa, included more arm movements than the other two ... The Main Salsa Styles - Salsa Dance -

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